Posing tips for camera shy bloggers

Confession time! I still feel camera-shy till to this day! Yes, you’ve read that right. Believe it or not, I still feel bashful and awkward when I’m posing in public or when family members are watching and secretly judging (at least in my head they are)!

I also feel comfortable being photographed by only a few people in my life. I need to feel comfortable and connected to whoever’s taking my photo so I can transform myself into a supermodel that I am.

I KNOW, I KNOW… some may say “It’s all in your head”, “just pretend there are no people around”. although these are good thoughts, being camera shy isn’t something you can just overcome or change overnight. That’s why I put together a few of my favorite posing tips and tricks to help other camera-shy out there, fake it till you make it.


TIP #1:  Practice one simple pose in-front of the mirror every day. When I say simple I meant a SIMPLE one that you can actually do confidently in public.

Having one simple pose that you can easily remember when faced with a camera is really helpful. Do this every day until you mastered that one simple pose, don’t forget to keep adding and taking pictures. You need to do the poses in the actual shoot.

Here’s me in one of my go-to poses.



TIP #2: Most of the time we are shy because we feel self-conscious. I’d most likely get those feelings when I’m in my bikinis in public, I dislike the thought of my skinny booty giving everyone a live free show. My tip would be, use or wear something that can cover up parts you don’t feel confident in showing. Opt for a sheer or lace cover-ups! It’s visually sexy you will still look hot even with a cover. You can also do some poses while laying down flat on to your beach mat or sand it’s more subtle you won’t get unnecessary attention.

Here’s a visual reference: I use a kimono and the chair to hide my bootay from the public eyes!



TIP #3:  LOOK AWAY! This is one of my favorite tricks to hide pesky eye bags and tired-looking eyes! You can also do this at the beginning of your shoot session as a warm-up until you feel comfortable enough to look at the camera!



I hope you find these simple tips helpful. Let me know your thoughts by leaving a comment. I’d love to hear from you.




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