IPL Laser Hair Removal At Home

Fall is a preparation for an even colder season. As we enter winter the shaver/wax are also somewhat on a HOLIDAY break while other women are missing their laser hair removal appointments because of covid. Who will see us anyway right? WRONG, stop right there. This shouldn’t be the case ladies because Fall and Winter are the perfect seasons to achieve that smooth and hair-free face and body. How? Enter, the IPL Laser hair removal at home!

Now that we are staying home more than ever. You may now have more time to add an IPL laser hair removal in your self-care routine. This IPL device is safe, pain-free, and easy to use. When using consistently, your hair will grow back slowly until it doesn’t grow back anymore. Depending on how thick your hair is initially, after two months of consistent use, you’ll only need to maintain it by using the device twice a month. This is also much easier on your pocket compared to the services you get from a Medspa. With the right IPL device, I can attest that you will get the same result even better. Again, consistency is the key. You just need to dedicate 15-30 minutes of your time every three days in the first two months. By the time spring or summer comes, you can confidently wear anything hair-free.

Here are some things you need to know before considering buying an IPL Hair removal device.

  1. Read reviews before you buy.
  2. Ask around. Maybe a family member or friends has one, get their feedback.
  3. Buy from a legit seller.
  4. Expensive doesn’t mean better.

And here are some things you need to remember when using the device.

  1. Read the manual.
  2. Make sure you know how to operate the device before you use it.
  3. When the device power is on make sure to find the intensity level adjustment and start from the lowest level.
  4. Before you use the device make sure you shave first and your skin is dry and moisturizer free.
  5. Wear sunglasses if the device didn’t come with an eye protector or you can close your eyes each time you make a pass.
  6. Making sure the device is at the lowest level, Test it on a small area first.
  7. Depending on your skin tolerance you can adjust the level of the intensity.
  8. Make sure not to use the highest level on first use, Observe a couple of days to see how your skin will react post IPL.
  9. When you see hair it means it’s time to shave and do your next IPL session. This cycle is usually every 3 days.

Here’s what I am currently using:


Watch my IGTV here: https://www.instagram.com/tv/CHrPxjhpOBw/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link

Let me know in the comment section below if you are looking to get one for yourself or as a gift this Holidays!



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